Thursday, May 13, 2010

Of Cards and Critters

Hello friends. Taking a few minutes out to blog this afternoon.

Below are a couple of my recent creations. Both are the result of some challenges from the Splitcoaststampers site. I am happy with both cards but am particularly proud of the second one. It didn't turn out ANYTHING like I planned, it turned out better.

On the home-front, we have spent the last week and a half letting Tonks (who I mostly call Tonkers) get comfy in her new home. We have refereed any interaction between the cat and my well established dog, Miss Katie. Katie likes to stand outside the cat's room and bark... and bark... and bark. It has been hard on the ears but we expected this.

Last night we decided it was time to let the fur-kids face off. The tables turned very quickly for poor Miss Katie. A few warning hisses from Tonks and then....SWIPE... followed by a YELP. Katie was not really hurt but she sure was shocked. She has never lived with a critter that didn't let her rule over them before and that includes some really big dogs. Now instead of being tormentor, Katie is the tormented. She wants nothing to do with the cat and turns to go the other way when she sees her.

This morning Katie trotted into the living room where Charles and Tonks were sitting on the couch. Katie spotted the cat and turned to retreat but when she turned her back, Tonks POUNCED on her backside. YELP!!! Katie made a bee-line for where I was in another room. I think she would have crawled up my legs if she could. Poor baby!

I'm sure there will be many more days like this before the cat and dog learn to co-exist in peace but I have faith that we will eventually get there. Until then, I bet we will have plenty of stories to tell.


  1. Salsa and Chrissy were similar to your two with Salsa thinking she is the boss. But Chris will tease Salsa a lot. They actually sleep by each other now when they are in the greatroom. Chris will hide behind things and jump out at Salsa. So that kind of freaks her out once in awhile.

  2. Forgot to say, love the cards. I have not made any in a long time but I a workshop in June that I should be able to go to..

  3. nice cards...the brown & mauve one is a beauty Melissa :) nice work girl :)