Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The thing I love most about my dog Katie is the fact that she's the one living creature on this Earth whose greatest desire and delight is just to be near me. She has been the one steady constant in my life for the last 11 years. Men, friends, homes and jobs have all come and gone. Katie and I have been together through it all. When I come home from a rotten day at the office and see her scampering to greet me with little tail wagging, it truly makes my day. There's nothing better.

Charles loves Miss Katie too but the fact is, she's very much my dog and some times I think that's painfully obvious to him. He has mentioned many times that he misses having pet rats. Those were gone before we met. (Thank goodness! I veto the idea of bringing any rodent into the house! )He has also brought up the idea of getting another dog but I don't think I want another while we have Katie. The truth is, I think he is longing for something that would be his.

For a while now Charles has talked about wanting a Russian Blue cat. And now, we've found one....

There was a 4 year old Russian Blue cat listed at a local animal rescue. I e-mailed for information about her last night. The next thing I knew, we were filling out an adoption application! Just a couple hours later, we received word that our application was approved. If all goes as planned (and I know some times they don't) we will be picking up the newest member of our family on Friday evening.

The folks at the rescue say that Tonks (odd name but Charles says he likes it and probably wont change it) came from a home with "two hyper little dogs" and some other cats so she should be able to handle sharing a home with Katie. (Katie on the other hand, will probably freak out at first but will hopefully adjust quickly.) The previous owners evidently lost their home and could not keep their animals. So sad! Having to give up a pet must be so hard. I hope we can give Tonks her forever home. I hope this will give Charles what he has been missing too.

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