Friday, September 17, 2010

The Splurge

I don't often spend large quantities of money on myself... at least not for frivolous items but today, I treated myself to:

This new Coach purse.

The one and only Coach purse I owned was several years old. Plus I found myself in need of something larger as I struggled to cram all my "stuff" into it. And yes, I know, I could try not carrying so much "stuff" around with me but getting a new purse seemed like a lot more fun. My new purse has a lot more room and several separate compartments which I like.

Now, I already promised my honey I would reserve a section of the new bag for him so he can free up his pockets when we are together. So here's what I'm thinking:

That should be enough room for your "stuff", right dear?

Oh.... and I didn't want my new purse to be lonely so, I let her bring a friend home with her.

I mean come on, they look so happy together. How could I separate them?

Now, don't ask me how much I paid. Just smile and nod and tell me I'm worth it.


  1. love it!..and YES...of course U are worth it!
    Splurge on from time to time...:o)