Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tis The Season

Tis the season for Over Spending.
Actually I am rather proud of myself for staying on budget with my holiday shopping this year. Some times I tend to over do it a bit. I wish I could give more but hey, I'm not rich and there's no point in spending as though I were.
Tis the season for Reflecting.
I'm going to skip the big 'year in review' post this year. Suffice to say some good things have happened and some not so good things have happened. Moving on.
Tis the season for Holiday Commercials.
I think holiday commercials may even rival super bowl commercials. There are always some silly ones and usually a couple tear jerkers (darn you Folgers with your "You're my present this year." making me need a tissue!!)
This year my favorite commercial is by Acura from a series of commercials called "The Season of Reason".  I love that Dr. Phil did this commercial.

 Now get out there and be reasonable!!

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